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Name:Supernatural Creatures - Faerie_Wish
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Welcome to Supernatural Creatures - Faerie_Wish. This is a Supernatural Creatures Community inspired by the show, Supernatural. This group was created for those who enjoy and love Supernatural Creatures being part of our world. Share your love of creatures and monsters in a safe and welcomed environment!!!

Welcome to my Supernatural Creatures Community!!

We accept All Fandoms and Original Works!!!

We accept any Actors/Characters being in relationships with each other (RPS, RPF, Gen, Het, Slash, Mpreg, 3somes, SPN, SPN RPF, etc.).

We accept any genre (angst, horror, fluff, romance, etc.) and kinks. Please warn the reader/viewer in your post.

There will be prompt challenges - monthly - and the prompt challenge must have a Supernatural Creature in it.

There are four Faeries that support various creatures within the Supernatural realm.

Faerie Knowledge = Ghost Realm

Faerie Wisdom = Angelic Realm

Faerie Energy = Demon Realm

Faerie Expression = Monster Realm

This banner/header was created by Deanlives. Thank you so much!

Rules to Follow:

1. BE RESPECTFUL! No flaming, no wank, no criticizing will not be tolerated in this community. We are all friends here!! Please show respect, common courtesy, and concrete feedback is welcome!

2. There will be prompt challenges monthly. These challenges will vary month to month. Please take a moment and read the prompt challenge carefully. There is no deadline for any of the prompt challenges.

3. Prompt Challenges can be filled in any form unless specifically stated by the prompt challenge taking place. The forms can be: Fic, Art, Fanmix, Videos, etc., it must include a Supernatural Creature.

4. You can post your fill to the community and/or link your story on your LJ, AO3, FFnet, etc.

5. Please be sure you use LJ cuts – just a friendly reminder!!

6. Please use this form when you are participating in prompt challenges:

Please use the subject line and include: [Title], [Pairing], [Creature].

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